In October of 2013 I moved to Australia, desperate to see some more of the world. By December of that year I had already set my heart on returning to England to surprise my sister for her 18th birthday.

Despite a crippling fear of flying and a backpacker bank balance I managed to pull it off and have been back in England for a week. Needless to say it’s been worth every penny and on top of surprising my sister I’ve been able to catch up with my whole family, old friends and get reacquainted with a forgotten pastime. Oh shopping how I have missed you!!!

You may of may not know that Australia is a pretty pricey country and the cost of cosmetics and clothes is enough to make even die hard shoppers weak at the knees! I quickly shrugged off my jetlag, and took to the streets of Cambridge (my hometown) in search of something a little more affordable than the pricetags in Australia.

First stop was Topshop – my go-to shop for just about everything. After watching Lily Melrose’s Topshop haul I questioned why I didn’t own a plain white t-shirt and rectified that issue straight away. I added 2 cropped, ribbed t-shirts in black and grey to my basket and then picked up a pair of the Jamie jeans in black. A wardrobe staple if there ever was one! High waisted, ankle grazing, medium weight denim, that sucks and pushes you in all the right directions (but not uncomfortably so!) I’m sure everyone remembers the disco pant era… when you put on those babies you knew you weren’t eating, drinking or sitting down for the rest of the day! In contrast these jeans are so comfy and so flattering… dare I say the perfect jean?


MOTO Black Rinse Jamie Jeans, TIKA2 High Vamp Skaters, Skinny Rib Crop Tee, Viscose V Neck Tee

A little late to the party (a whole season in fact) with the embossed croc high vamp skaters, but by the time I made it to an Australian city with a Topshop earlier this year they had already all sold out and have been impossible to get hold of since. Pretty sure these shoes won’t leave my feet for the next month!

I was pretty heartbroken when my black nail polish virtually exploded in my mermaid make up bag earlier this month but luckily I managed to pick up this equally garish iridescent version as a replacement.


Iridescent Make Up Bag

Embarrassingly excited by the prospect of getting cosmetics for £5 and under, I hurried into Boots and began flinging anything and everything into my basket. Thankfully I had my sister to restrain me and when it was time to pay for all the items I had accumulated I actually had to put a lot of them back. Here are the bits and bobs that made the cut. bootsitems

It’s a pretty basic selection but I’m most excited to try the new re-vamped Effaclar Duo from La Roche Posay, and as far as concealers go, ‘Wake Me Up,’ by Rimmel really does what it says on the tin (or tube should I say.)


For a long time a winced at the idea of a chunky gold chain, but recently I’ve found myself saying ‘what this outfit really needs is a chunky gold necklace!’, so this medium weight chain was a no brainer really… and even though it’s winter in Australia at the moment, I couldn’t resist these summery little briefs and graphic banana print bag.


Collection Weekend Leather Tech Purse by John Lewis

This last piece is actually a gift for my little sister. Part of the John Lewis collection, this slightly textured, black leather wallet oozes simple sophistication. A timeless piece that works whatever your personal style. I hadn’t shopped in so long that I had begun to worry that I might have turned into one of these people who can’t actually shop… Evidently that is not the case and I now have even more to squeeze into my suitcase on my return journey! May your next shopping trip be blissfully frivolous and guilt free.  Thanks for reading.

Jes x



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