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Le Miel et la Lune… Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond



Situated in Carlton, on the corner of Cardigan and Elgin Street, this modest cafe has quickly become one of my favourite brunch spots in the whole of Melbourne.  The coffee is consistently delicious and the same has to be said for the creative all-day breakfast and lunch menu which fuses Asian and European dishes with a Melbourne twist.  The diversity of the menu reflects the diversity of the people who frequent this cosy little spot; best described as a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures, Le Miel isn’t just your trendy, ‘here today, forgotten about tomorrow,’ kind of joint.


I’m a real sucker for imaginative interior design, and Le Miel really nails it in my opinion. The whole place is bright and airy in summer, as well as being comfy and inviting in the winter months.  Without exception, the staff are welcoming and engaging, and the friendly, laid back atmosphere is completely infectious!

lemielcafe   details

After a late shift at work, and then a morning of laundry and cleaning I decided to treat myself to an incredibly late breakfast.  I opted for the fruit muesli. You might ask yourself why would you go out for breakfast and choose muesli…?  How about ‘House made toasted fruit muesli with poached seasonal fruits and orange yogurt.’  Sounds a little more impressive right?


The muesli itself is packed with fruit, seeds, walnuts and shredded coconut and is a far cry from the dry, dusty store bought stuff that I’m all too familiar with.  I’m not an expert on poached fruit (if there is such a thing,) but I would say that the pear and raspberries were poached to perfection!  Meanwhile the orange yogurt helps to tie everything together and although I was given a small jug of milk, I really didn’t need it.

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As always, the coffee was impeccable.  Latte art aside, the combination of Proud Mary roasted beans and baristas who really know their stuff makes for an unbeatable coffee every time. Well worth a visit whether you’re in the area or not!

Le Miel et la Lune

330 Cardigan St,

Carlton VIC 3053


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