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My Top 5 Essential Beauty Products

My year in Australia is almost up. Goodbye sunshine! Hello English winter!

I have begun to reflect on all the wonderful experiences, opportunities and challenges I have had whilst travelling, but one thing I certainly won’t miss is living out of a suitcase!

I’m definitely not a ‘roll out of bed looking effortlessly sexy’ kind of girl, and so initially I left England with a plethora of creams, masks and cosmetics for every eventuality! Of course this turned out to be completely impractical and I had to part with a lot of my products! At the time this was pretty heart breaking but now I can see that the size and weight restrictions that come with living out of a suitcase have really helped me to isolate what products are absolutely essential to my beauty regime.

Here is a little list of the items that I just can’t live without, and products that I will splash out on even if the price tag doesn’t quite fit my backpacker budget!

A Clever Cleanser

I feel as though the quest for the perfect cleanser is vital yet never-ending (for my sensitive, blemish prone skin at least!) That said, at the moment I’m loving the Balancing Cleanser from Alpha H, for a gentle start to the day, and Phisohex Antibacterial Face Wash in the evenings.

Both are non-foaming, cream cleansers and they seem to be doing a great job at keeping my skin clear and healthy… and that means less need for foundation and concealer! Win!

THE Mascara

If I could only wear one item of make up (and that has actually been the case for the majority of my time travelling,) I would choose my mascara hands down! My eyelashes are quite fair and without mascara I just look like an eyelashless boy. Doll Eyes by Lancome has held its place as my number one mascara for a while now, but it often causes problems for my annoyingly sensitive eyes and by the end of the day I usually look like a little pink-eyed bunny. My hunt for an equally dramatic, hypoallergenic alternative has now begun… watch this space!

An Intensely Hydrating Hair Mask

If like me you have been giving your hair hell for the last five years, you’ll know that nothing tames your tresses like a rich, intensely nourishing hair mask. The Australian sun and sea (ok and a lot of bleach!) left my hair looking like straw over summer, but thankfully Kerastase were there to save the day (once again,) with the Nutritive Nutri-Thermique Masque. Don’t be put off by the price tag, this product is worth its weight in gold!

An Allover Body Beautifier

In the past I’ve been pretty lazy about full body moisturisation, (is this a real word!?) but a summer in Australia changed all that. Vaseline Deep Conditioning Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion ticks all the boxes for me. It quite literally gives my skin a soft, summery glow, is fast drying, (thank god!) smells AMAZING and is super cheap to top it all off!

After a leaky perfume disaster on a flight from Melbourne to Sydney earlier this year, I decided to ditch my signature scent and just let the long lasting smell from this lotion work its magic.

Super Duper Sun Protection

I knew that sun protection would be absolutely essential during the majority of my time in Australia, and I spent a long while trying to find the perfect product for my troublesome skin. My search led me to Clinique Super City Block Ultra Protection in SPF 40. This oil-free face protector has never let me down! Its long lasting formula feels light on the skin and can easily be worn alone or under your normal make up.

But the real unsung hero in all this is actually my Piz Buin Sun Lipstick SPF 30. After an incident where my lips got horrifically burnt at the beach, this lip balm has never left my side. I’m often pretty disappointed by the performance of most lip products I purchase, but aside from completely protecting my lips from the sun, this balm has left my lips the softest and most hydrated they’ve ever been!

So there you have it… My top 5 (ok maybe 6!) essential beauty products from the last year! Hope you enjoyed reading!

Which products could you just not live without?!


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