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2 Markets, 1 Day. Part 1: Queen Victoria Market


Since moving to Australia, in particular Melbourne, I have fallen in love with shopping at markets! You just can’t beat the hustle and bustle, the smell of fresh fruits and veggies and the friendly stallholders.

Each week I go (at least once!) to the iconic Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne to pick up some cheap vegetables, grab a coffee and lust over all the cacti and succulent plants on the Cactusland stall.

I think this market is just so wonderful that I had to share some photos with you.

Queen Victoria Market

Personally, I much prefer buying my fruits and veggies from the market. The quality is usually just as good, but because often the produce isn’t a uniform shape and size, the price of everything is significantly lower than that at big chain stores. In addition, if you’re trying to eat well, the market can be a welcome break from temptation! I find myself indulging at the nut counter as opposed to the confectionery aisle where I all too often end up at the supermarket.

Queen Victoria Market

Of course, when your bags are loaded with leafy greens and juicy fruits, you might want to treat yourself to a fresh, warm doughnut (or 5!) from American Doughnut Kitchen or a silky smooth coffee from Market Lane Coffee.

American Doughnut Kitchen

I have yet to order a disappointing coffee from them, and the aesthetics of the place alone, warrant a little review of its very own… (So keep your eyes peeled for that post in the near future!)

Market Lane Coffee

My final but most definitely essential stop is usually at Cactusland, where I stand for about 5-10 minutes, touching all the waxy succulent plants and lusting over the exotic cacti. The guy who runs the stall is really friendly and just as quirky as you would hope him to be. He is always good for a chat more than happy to share his endless knowledge about all plants he sells.


This week I gave in and bought this fuzzy little guy to add to my collection!

echeveria frosty

I will definitely try to avoid the larger chain supermarkets upon my return to England and will continue to surround myself with the inspiring rainbow of colours and smells at the fruit and veg stalls of the local markets in my area.

Check back for a full review of Market Lane Coffee as well as part 2 of my day at the markets with a post about how I got on at the Finders Keepers Market on Friday evening!

If you’re visiting Melbourne be sure to check out the market, open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Corner of Victoria St and Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9320 5822


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