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A Room With A View (And A Lot Of Potential!)

my bedroom makeover

Two weeks ago I returned home from a year of travelling with a slightly heavy heart, but mostly brimming with excitement about all the projects and goals I have waiting for me in the year ahead.

After living in hostels, tents and on various sofas for 12 months I decided that my first little project would be to spruce up my bedroom.  On closer inspection however, I came to find that this ‘little project’ was actually going to be pretty huge.

Over the previous year my bedroom had become a dumping ground for my all family’s junk… And then following the removal of their junk I found a sea of my own junk!  And a wardrobe full of forgotten clothes.  And some questionable furniture choices.  And the bright pink wall…

Never one to be discouraged by a mammoth task (this is a complete lie!) I have decided to attempt a complete bedroom makeover over the next 4 weeks.

I am definitely not a DIY expert but that’s why I thought I would invite you on my decorating journey, hoping to inspire a few of you who spend your days pining over spaces that ooze ‘Pinterest-perfection,’ but are unhappy with your own rooms and have no idea where to start. I figure, if I can do it, then there’s no reason why anyone else can’t!

using pinterest for inspiration Step 1. Have a clear vision.

Magazines and Pinterest, especially, can offer a wealth of inspiration when it comes to interior design and have certainly helped me to gain a better idea of what it is that I want from my space.

Funnily enough what you think you like, might not be what you actually like. I always thought I liked minimal interiors and bright colours, but after reviewing numerous Pinterest boards I can clearly see that I was wrong. Almost all the images I love feature a space with fresh, white walls and carefully arranged, aesthetically pleasing displays.

Pinterest is free and so easy to use (even my mum has an account!) so you have no excuse not to start pinning straight away!

my bedroom makeover

My very own clutter corner.

Step 2. Clear the clutter!!!

If you don’t have any clutter then this step will be quick and easy for you, but if (like me) you have sentimental treasures and important paperwork covering every possible surface, and god knows what hiding under your bed then this stage will take a bit longer.

Do one area of a room at a time. Clear out your wardrobe, organise your desk, rummage under the bed and reevaluate your bookcase or shelving display, but not all at once.

Give your old stuff a chance at a new life and decide whether you can stick your unwanted items on Depop, eBay, take them to the charity shop, whether they are suitable for recycling or (last resort,) throw them in the bin!

It feels good trust me!

my bedroom makeover

…The pink wall!

Step 3. Begin to create your colour pallet.

Get some paint on the walls! Even if you want to keep to a similar colour scheme, a lick of paint can help to freshen up a room. In my case, I have the long, painful task of trying to cover an entire wall that is currently painted in a pink so bright it could damage your eyesight! Wish me luck!

Colour will change the whole feel of the room which is why I’ve chosen not to get rid of any furniture just yet. What looks horrible against your current lime green wallpaper might look amazing next to a plain white wall!

my bedroom makeover

If you would like to keep up with my decorating attempts, I will be posting updates each Monday with my progress from the week and let you know what I aim to get done over the following week.

Let me know if you have any helpful hints and tips for decorating and good luck if you’re attempting any kind of home makeover at the moment!


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