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Weekly Wishes #2 Personal Goal Setting


When life gives you lemons consider yourself pretty lucky, because last week I didn’t get any lemons… I got a steaming pile of shit.

I feel as though I have just crawled out the other side of the week from hell, which is why this Weekly Wishes post is coming to you almost 2 days late. Personal issues and an unexpected near tragedy have left my family and myself a little shaken up to say the least and so I have set myself just one goal for the rest of the week.

This Weeks Personal Goal

-Stay positive. Positive thoughts breed positive results and negativity breeds contempt.

I think it would be useless to set myself anything more specific for the next few days. Maintaining a positive outlook can feel almost impossible when things get really bleak and it is so important to remember that everyone deals with grief, disappointment, loss and failure in their own way. That said, I have found that when I stay positive, good things are drawn into my life, thus making everything easier to cope with in general.

If you’re feeling blue, don’t be embarrassed to ask for help.   When I spoke to my friend about my recent problems earlier this week, her initial reaction was, ‘Why didn’t you tell me sooner!?’ People are often more happy to listen and help than you might think. You need never feel alone.


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