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minimal bedroom

With the English weather doing what it does best (raining, just in case that wasn’t clear,) and a much needed change in career, I have come to the conclusion that I will be spending more time than ever in my bedroom this winter. In a previous post I laid out my plans for a complete bedroom make over, and I figured that it was about time to share my vision and some inspirational interior styles I’ve been loving recently.

While I am under no delusion that my pokey, crowded bedroom will ever look quite as dreamy as the spaces on my Pinterest ‘Inspirational Homes‘ board, it can’t hurt to collect a small selection of images, or even create a mood board, to determine exactly what it is that you want from your own room.

low beds

Low bed lover

While some people might prefer to sleep in a bed to rival the one from ‘The Princess and the Pea,’ I’m personally a lover of beds that are fuss-free and low to the ground. I feel that a low bed can really open up a space and by bringing all your furniture down a little you can introduce a greater feeling of calm to a room. Towering bookcases and oversized furnishings personally make me feel a little claustrophobic.

mid century modern

White and wood

While I always thought I was most drawn to bright colour schemes, I have come to find that my taste has changed. White walls, the warm orangey red hue of mid-century teak furniture, contrasted with the vibrant green of a waxy indoor plant really work for me at the moment.

feature corner

Feature corner

I really like the idea of creating a little feature corner with stacks of glossy coffee table books, creative magazines and my beloved vinyl record player. If you have any key pieces that you particularly adore then make them a real focal point in your space.

camera collection

Be real

While I am trying to streamline my bedroom a little (ok, a lot!) I can’t silence my inner hoarder forever.  Instead of emptying my room of everything I own in search of a clean, minimal look, I am attempting to hold onto anything that could be deemed as a ‘collection.’

Carefully crafted displays, inspiring wall art and well thought out feature pieces definitely help to inject some personality into any space.

I think it’s important not to get too carried away lusting over magazines and internet imagery because you can easily lose sight of who you are and what you really enjoy about your own room.   Stay true to your own genuine tastes, because after all, if (like me,) your bedroom is the only personal space you have, you want it to be just perfect for you.

All the images in this post are courtesy of Pinterest and can be found on my profile


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