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Weekly Wishes #4 Personal Goal Setting

Weekly Wishes

Hooray for Monday (never thought I’d hear myself say that!)  I guess I’ll start with a little recap of last weeks Weekly Wishes which I executed with varying levels of success!

I made it to yoga on all but one day last week and my lower back and shoulders feel happier than they have done in ages as a result!  Having a little detox from social media and social networking was actually easier than I expected but I did find myself blissfully chatting away on Facebook messenger a few times before I even realised that I was cheating on my goal!  And as for establishing a routine… well, this didn’t quite go to plan but I’m working on it!

This Weeks Personal Goals

-Step away from the tasty treats!  Woah!  Slow down, it’s not even December yet!  If I carry on indulging at this rate, someone will mistake me for a giant round Christmas pudding!

-Say good night to technology an hour before bed.  Using your laptop, phone or watching TV before going to bed can have a real impact on the quality of your sleep.  Using technology can increase stress levels and over-stimulate the brain making it harder to drift off peacefully, so I will be closing my laptop and hiding my phone an hour before bedtime in an attempt to get a better nights sleep.

10 minute tidy up.  With a new technology-free-pre-sleep-window to be filled, I aim to spend 10 minutes a night just tidying all the annoying clutter and loose items that always seem to find their way onto the end of my bed and then onto my chair and then ultimately onto my carpet.  Hopefully this will result in a more pleasant atmosphere and a streamlined, stress free morning routine!

Have a great week everyone!


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