OK OK Socks… For Forgotten Feet

okok socks

I don’t know about you, but I rarely give my feet much love and attention and certainly haven’t given much thought to my sock purchases…

At least, this was the case until I visited the Finder Keepers Market during my last week in Melbourne.  It wasn’t really a market at all, it was like a giant artists fair and with thousands of one-off pieces and hand made treasures, it’s safe to say that I went a bit crazy with my spending!

The first things I picked up were these socks from the ‘OK OK,’ stall.  They’re a Melbourne based company who now manufacture their socks and tights in New Zealand, and clearly believe that feet need some attention too!

Ok Ok leopard socks

I have always loved leopard print so these sheer mesh socks with flocked leopard print detail were a no brainer really.  Then, because Christmas is never far from my mind I was drawn to some cute glittery lilac beauties (top picture) which I thought  would be perfect for the approaching holiday season.

Ok Ok socks leopard and glitter

The socks are really good quality and really add character and detail to a simple outfit.  I like to wear them poking out of a pair of chunky boots or if I’m feeling really daring I’ll pair them with my metallic Birkenstock dupes from Topshop.  I don’t know if the Birkenstock trend has died a death yet, but I love them all the same and will continue to wear them regardless!

Topshop Fang silver sandals I think these socks would make a great little gift this Christmas, so be sure to check out the OK OK website for more designs and style ideas!


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