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Weekly Wishes #5 Personal Goal Setting

Weekly Wishes 5

December is upon us, and for those of you who are wondering what happened to November, you are not alone!  The last 30 days seem to have literally flown by, and now that the festive season has arrived it is time to shamelessly fill every room of the house with cinnamon candles and twinkly lights (woohoo!)

I’ll begin with a little recap on last weeks goals because they have all had such a positive impact on my day to day life!

Abstaining from my usual late night technology binges has really improved my quality of sleep.  Staying off my laptop, phone and avoiding late night movies for the last hour of my day definitely gives my brain the time it needs to shut down before going to bed.  In addition, with this hour of technology-free time, I have been able to do all those little things that I feel like I never have time to do!  I’ve finally finished the book I started 3 months ago, cleaned my make up brushes, painted my nails all manner of festive colours… I even found time to empty all the crap that had collected at the bottom of my bag.  Maybe you already find time for this stuff in your day-to-day life but I never usually get round to it!  It also freed up time for my ’10 minute tidy up,’ another of last weeks goals.  Just 10 minutes of tidying each night before bed has really helped me keep on top of my notoriously messy room!

This Weeks Personal Goals

Get organised for Christmas.  This year I have promised myself that there will be no frantic present wrapping on Christmas eve, or last minute trips into town because someone’s gift has been forgotten.  And I will actually make time for all the thoughtful, personal touches that require a little more planning and time than your standard Amazon order with next day delivery!

– Have more fun. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of everyday life and you forget to enjoy yourself.  Christmas shopping is supposed to be fun.  Going for coffee with a friend is supposed to be fun. Getting ready for your work Christmas party is supposed to be fun… but all too often I let myself get stressed over tiny details like bad weather or delayed public transport (which are both almost guaranteed in England!) and forget to enjoy myself.  Live in the moment and enjoy every second!

Have a great week everyone! (p.s I am aware that it’s Wednesday already!)


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