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Weekly Wishes 6 … Personal Goal Setting On Hold!

weekly wishes 6

Just over a month ago I discovered Weekly Wishes – a personal goal setting network created by Melyssa of The Nectar Collective. Up until the beginning of December, I have been weaving short-term goals into my everyday life to add a little structure and increase positivity and productivity. These goals have always been things that I’ve wanted to do and by setting them as ‘Weekly Wishes,’ it’s given me a little nudge to get them started (or completed!)

I wouldn’t consider myself to be particularly organised but I do love setting long and short term goals, obsessive list writing, and establishing weekly schedules… But being the Christmas enthusiast that I am, December has proven to be a ‘wild card’ month where my usual habits feel a little out of place. And (not surprisingly,) healthy eating, careful spending, daily exercise and early nights haven’t been fitting very successfully into my festive calendar.

For the last five years I have worked in hospitality over the entire holiday season. I can’t remember the last time I spent Boxing Day in my pyjamas, eating dangerous amounts of chocolate or spent New Years Eve with a glass of champagne in my hand. Every year I have worked and watched Christmas pass me by which is why I’ve decided to cut myself some slack this year. I feel so grateful that I can finally spend this time of year with my family and friends and if you can’t go out for ‘spontaneous catch-up drinks,’ three times in one week during December then when can you?!

Ironically, I suppose I have actually set myself one goal for the rest of December and that is simply just to enjoy myself. I’m often frustrated when I feel as though I’ve fallen short of my own targets and expectations for myself, and for me, December will never be the right month to attempt to lose weight, save money or go to bed at a sensible time! I want to eat mince pies, buy gifts for my family and stay up late watching awful TV shows with my dad. To set myself goals to do anything other than that would be setting myself up for a fall… and that’s not what goal setting is about.

I know a lot of people are already planning and setting goals for 2015 as well, and while I applaud their organisation and motivation I think it is important to remember the value in enjoying today. We spend so much of our lives planning for tomorrow, next week, or even next year, that we often get caught up and forget to enjoy the present moment.

“One must simply take the days of their lives as they happen. If you spend time worrying over what is to come, which may or may not happen, then you will only be wasting precious days you will wish in the future you could have cherished a bit longer.”

In January, when the dessert platters, gingerbread lattes, Christmas window displays and watching Home Alone (for the millionth time!) seem like a distant memory, I will be resuming my usual goal setting, list making, routine scheduling ways, but until then I think it’s time to forget about tomorrow and do whatever pleases me today.


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