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The Happiness Project – One To Squeeze In Before The Year Is Up

The Happiness Project Review

I’m wouldn’t say I’m a massive bookworm (hmm… maybe not the best way to begin a book recommendation!) but The Happiness Project is a book I have thoroughly enjoyed this year. I have recommended it to family, friends and almost complete strangers and I thought it was about time I gave it a mention on the blog!

Gretchin Rubin (the author,) leads us through a year where she attempts to increase happiness levels in all areas of her life. Like an encouraging friend she promotes the importance of exercise, organization, generosity, spending time with family and being true to yourself. These ideas may seem like a no brainer and I suppose The Happiness Project is essentially a self-help book, but the tone, layout and content make it feel as if Rubin is just giving us a wonderfully honest insight into her world, and some ‘non-preachy’ pointers on how to improve our own.

I’m pretty nosy and I love a good ‘new house tour’ or a ‘what’s in my bag,’ video, so being invited to observe a person’s day to day life is right up my street.

After reading about the outcomes and successes Rubin’s own Happiness Project, she equips you with the tools to formulate your own and this is why I think it’s well worth trying to squeeze this book in before the new year is upon us.   This way, you can have your own Happiness Project drawn up, be set to achieve your goals, and make 2015 your happiest year yet!

It’s the perfect read for a lazy Sunday morning, for the countless hours spent on public transport getting to and from work, or for any point during the Christmas period when you’re laying on the sofa, eating pudding, and pretending to watch whatever repeat is on the TV! This book is a lighthearted, and is easy to just dip in and out of when you have time. Granted, the book can be a little repetitive in places, and of course I don’t agree with every idea that Rubin puts forward, but regardless I would still urge most people to read this book.

The Happiness Project is ideal for (but not limited to) anyone who is curiously minded, in need of a little direction, loves lists and planning, worries too much, or loves anything that will inject a healthy does of positivity into their life.

Even if this doesn’t appeal to you, I’m pretty sure we all know someone who this would be the perfect stocking filler for!


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