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Welcome To My Workspace

pencils on desk

Before Christmas I developed a bit of an interior design obsession and wrote a post on how I intended to update and decorate my entire room over the course of a month, bringing you guys frequent updates along the way!  Regrettably I don’t work for A Beautiful Mess and I found that with limited time and finances I was unable to fulfil my unrealistically optimistic design plans (who would have guessed?!)

However, I have been chipping away, tackling little areas at a time and I think that my workspace is just about ready to share.

g plan deskMy thrifty nature and love of teak, mid-century furniture led me to Gumtree where I found this G Plan writing desk.  Needless to say it was love at first sight!  My bedroom doubles up as my creative space so size was definitely a priority.  This piece gives me enough space to work on but doesn’t dominate my whole room.

kronk dunny on shelf

I suppose everyone has their own personal use for a desk, but for me, I need somewhere I can sit and be creative.  I have tried to keep it as fun as possible by adding pops of colour, living plants and figures from my coveted toy collection.  The drawers, shelves and cubby holes are the perfect size to house all my weird and wonderful belongings.

35mm camera collection


I think we all have days where motivation escapes us, allowing distractions and procrastination to creep in.  In an attempt to battle this I try to surround myself with triggers for inspiration and encouragement but as little clutter as possible!

It’s no secret that I left my heart in Melbourne and one day I hope to live there as a permanent resident.  It’s also no secret that this dream will take a lot of time and hard work on my part. When I left Australia in October last year, my housemates bought me this beautiful calendar with black and white photos of Melbourne on each page.  It’s far too pretty to actually use as a calendar, but I keep it on my desk, in full view, so that whenever I’m discouraged or just having a down day, one quick glance reminds me of my dreams and future plans and gives me that boost to keep working.

Matt irwin calendar

my workspace

And perhaps one of the most wonderful things about this desk, is that at the end of the day, you can just fold it away and draw a line under a (hopefully!) productive day.


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