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Vegan Cherry Bakewell Porridge

vegan quinoa porridge

I admit, it’s been a pretty quiet couple of weeks on my blog. Whilst I feel like ideas and potential posts have been spilling out of my brain, I have had little time sit down and put pen to paper or even really pick up my camera.

But fear not, things have quieted down a little; I have dusted off the cobwebs, swept away the tumbleweed from all corners of the blog and I’m back with another breakfast recipe.

While the mornings are still cold and dark, and my onesie collection is still in full rotation, I just can’t silence my porridge cravings.   In fact it feels like I’ve been eating porridge for months on end and as a result I’ve had to get a little creative to keep the love alive!

cherry bakewell porridge

Putting together failsafe flavours, one day I stumbled upon ‘cherry bakewell quinoa porridge,’ which is suitable for vegans and those trying to stay away from gluten and/or dairy.

It’s a really simple recipe, but because quinoa takes longer to cook than oats, I’ve been eating this on my days off (rare though they may be!) when I have time to make the most of long (but never lazy!) mornings.

Ingredients | Serves 1 hungry breakfast lover

30-40g of uncooked quinoa (depending on how greedy you are)

½ cup of almond milk

½ teaspoon vanilla powder or 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Handful of raw almonds

1 cup cherries (preferably frozen)

Toppings Optional



Maple syrup or Agave to sweeten


Method | Soak the quinoa in the almond milk and vanilla overnight. The next morning, add the mixture to a pan, bring to a gentle simmer and then continue to cook on a low heat for around 20 minutes or until your quinoa is soft.  I was worried that mine was sticking so I added a splash of water to keep it nice and gooey.

While this is cooking roughly chop your almonds and make a large mug of tea or coffee (optional but always recommended!)

When the porridge mix is just about ready, throw in your cherries, allowing time for them to warm thoroughly and if you are using frozen ones.  At this point your porridge will probably start to turn a beautiful maroon shade and it is ready to serve.

Scatter your almond pieces and add any sweetener of your choice.

That’s pretty much it to be honest!


If you’re not a fan of quinoa then of course the cherry, almond and vanilla flavours will work just as well with conventional oat porridge.

I have little (if any!) self control when it comes to bananas and as you can see I decided to top my porridge (liberally!) on this occasion. While banana adds natural sweetness to the bowl it’s definitely not integral to the ‘cherry bakewell’ flavour. Alternatively, you can blend the almond milk with half a banana to create a ‘milkshake’ consistency and then soak the quinoa or oats in that to add a subtle banana-y sweetness to the porridge.



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